Operating System Trade-Offs: Performance, Extensibility, and Security



The calendar is still in flux. Please check back soon for actual dates and an actual schedule

  Tuesday Thursday
2/01-2/05 What is an Operating System? Course Administrativia
2/08-2/12 Monolithic Kernels Monolithic Kernels
2/15-2/19 Microkernels Microkernels
2/22-2/26 Extensible kernels Extensible kernels
3/01-3/05 Extensible kernels High performance I/O
3/08-3/12 Midterms No class
3/15-3/19 Spring Break Proposal presentations
3/22-3/26 Proposal presentations Distributed Systems
3/29-3/02 Distributed systems Distributed systems
4/05-4/09 Language-based approaches Language-based approaches
4/12-4/16 Language-based-approaches Language-based approaches
4/19-4/23 Networking Networking
4/26-4/30 Networking Reading period
5/03-5/07 Dean’s date

Project Due Dates

3/18 - Proposal due

3/18 & 3/23 - 10min Proposal presentations

TBD - Final presentations (regular class times)

Dean’s day (5/04) - Final reports due